San Diego DUI Law Center

San Diego’s California Highway Patrol DUI cops nailed seventy-two DUI arrests (vs. fifty-seven last year) over Labor Day, attorneys are told. Deaths and DUI fatalities were down countywide this year compared to last, lawyers report.

California DUI arrests declined this year to 1,043, down from 1,092 in 2013. There was one less fatality, 23, contrasted with 24 last year.

Between Friday, Aug. 29 at 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. today, there were no San Diego DUI fatalities or deaths this year during the same period. In 2013 there were two fatalities.
 CHP investigates all crashes on freeways and on all roads in unincorporated areas of San Diego County.
DUI arrests in the report were only made by CHP officers. Fatalities reported were for all law enforcement agencies.
Throughout California this Labor Day holiday, 21 vehicle occupants were killed in the CHP’s jurisdiction. Twelve of those victims were not wearing safety belts. Three motorcyclists were also killed throughout the CHP’s jurisdiction. They were all wearing helmets. 

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