San Diego DUI Law Center

As the caffeine poured and the sugar gulped, San Diego’s DUI cops practiced their intrusive interference with California drivers throughout the county over the weekend.

Their net winnings were about as meager as a losing night at a local Indian Casino:

1. 0 DUI Arrests in Poway. The San Diego county DUI checkpoint at 14300 block of Pomerado Road resulted in zero arrests but 2 vehicles were towed to help cover the cost of donuts & coffee.

2. 4 DUI Arrests in Vista. The drunk driving roadblock at 1300 North Melrose Drive resulted in the tow of eleven vehicles, enough to pay for donuts & coffee for the next month or until the next San Diego DUI Checkpoint.

3. 5 DUI Arrests in Escondido. The DUI checkpoint at Valley Parkway and North Juniper Street was highlighted by the drama when one driver’s vehicle made contact with a police officer probably standing in the driver’s path of travel at an Escondido DUI checkpoint. Obviously, that driver was one of the folks hauled to jail at one of the many expensive and tiresome drunk driving sobriety checkpoints put up in North County Saturday night, attorneys are told. The nine vehicles towed meant cash for donuts & coffee for a very long time.

Too bad the taxpayers see little pecuniary benefit. And wouldn’t the streets be better served if they were patrolled by DUI cops rather than avoided by viewing San Diego County DUI Law Center’s list of DUI checkpoint locations here.

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