San Diego DUI Law Center

One thing you don’t want to do in San Diego is get drunk, get behind the wheel and then hit a cop car, DUI lawyers warn.  Why?  Because you’ll get caught and arrested for a California DUI charge, San Diego DUI attorneys remind.  Plus you might hurt someone.

A number of good DUI drivers can avoid being stopped but when you hit a cop car, you are going to the drunk tank in San Diego County Jail.

Last night around 11 pm, U-T reports a DUI driver crashed his Nissan into a San Diego Police Department patrol car on southbound I-5 just north of Main Street in Chula Vista.  California Highway Patrol responded.  Paramedics responded to treat 2 ladies.  The San Diego Police Department officer was not hurt.  The driver went to San Diego jail, booked on drunk driving.  Details are yet to be released.

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