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Elderly people can be dangerous drivers.  Drunk older drivers may be even more so, remind San Diego DUI lawyers today who bring news of this felony DUI in North Inland San Diego County.

A bicyclist in her early 60’s received fractured ribs, head injuries and worst of all a fractured spine when hit by a seventy-two year old lady later bused for felony DUI hit & run, San Diego DUI attorneys say.

This happened at an intersection in San Diego county known for DWE – Driving While Elderly – Rancho Bernardo (Espola) Road and Pomerado just before 5 pm.

San Diego cops chased the accused after the her Hyundai hit the cyclist on north on Pomerado .  No word if she was drinking at home or at one of the fine local restaurants or wineries on a sunday afternoon.

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