San Diego DUI Law Center

San Diego DUI lawyers are warning motorists anywhere near Del Mar and beyond that cops will be in full force looking for possible drunk drivers. Last year, California DUI cops went crazy stopping people. Some people were stopped for nothing, San Diego criminal defense attorneys proved.

San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore reminds all who attend the Del Mar Races this season to have a good time and think before you get behind the wheel of your vehicle.

“Opening Day is an especially busy time for us,” commented Sheriff Gore. “We want everyone to enjoy themselves, and if you drink alcohol, ensure you have a designated driver.”

The Del Mar Races open tomorrow and run through September 5th. Thousands of visitors to the racetrack will enjoy the sport, various concerts, and restaurants. Opening Day to the races is historically one of the busiest. Extra San Diego DUI deputies & CHP cops will look for drunk drivers, to ensure overcrowding and over-indulging does not ruin the day for those who attend the event responsibly.

Traffic is expected to be heavier than normal, and those not attending the races may wish to consider alternate routes to avoid delays.

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