San Diego DUI Law Center

Defending against a charge of drunk driving in San Diego is tricky business.
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A San Diego California DUI criminal defense attorney needs to understand scientific and medical concepts, and must be able to question difficult witnesses including purported scientists and police officers.

If you want to fight your drinking and driving charge in San Diego, California, you’re well advised to hire a San Diego Drunk Driving Criminal Defense Lawyer who specializes in these types of cases. A San Diego DUI Criminal Defense Lawyer may be able to get you off the hook, or lessen the fine or punishment imposed.
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The laws concerning “drunk driving” have changed radically over recent years. A person arrested today for San Diego DUI – driving under the influence of alcohol (“DUI”, also sometimes referred to as “DWI” or driving while intoxicated) faces complicated San Diego California criminal procedures and a potentially devastating punishment that can be more severe than a penalty handed down in a felony case.

An experienced San Diego Drunk Driving Criminal Defense Attorney who specializes in blood alcohol analysis and drunk driving cases can effectively handle criminal and administrative proceedings. It is an unfortunate fact, however, that many general practitioners or general criminal attorneys attempt to represent clients with little or no training or experience in this very complex field and the results can be harmful to the person arrested.
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