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Have you been charged with a San Diego DUI? Scared?

You should be. San Diego Drunk Driving charges can be life-changing.

Not only can you go to jail for a San Diego California DUI, you can lose your license, face many possible criminal penalties, and perhaps worse, you can be tainted with a San Diego DUI conviction for life.

You can be fined. Your insurance rates can skyrocket.

You want a San Diego Drunk Driving criminal defense lawyer who understands the seriousness of your San Diego DUI charges, a San Diego Drunk Driving Criminal Defense Attorney with extensive experience and who has enjoyed an overwhelming success over the last 20 years defending California DUI charges.

Experienced San Diego DUI – Drunk Driving Defense Attorney

Find a San Diego DUI – Drunk Driving criminal defense attorney with a reputation for innovative and aggressive defense of San Diego DUI and driver’s license revocation cases.

For unparalleled representation against San Diego DUI – Drunk Driving charges, contact a San Diego DUI – San Diego DMV defense lawyer specialist.

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