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San Diego DUI attorneys are told that 2 guilty pleas related to an impaired driving case were heard in Bracebridge court last week.

The court heard that Bruce Ryman, 53, said he had fallen asleep at about 11:29 p.m. on May 5 on Highway 400, and a subsequent crash between his vehicle and a tractor-trailer had necessitated police response. The tractor-trailer’s rear wheels had been struck by Mr. Ryman’s truck.

When speaking with police, an OPP officer said he detected the strong odor of alcohol coming from Mr.

Ryman, court heard.

He was said to have explained that the four beers he had consumed were not the reason he was feeling tired.

Two subsequent breathalyser samples taken at the Parry Sound OPP station registered “fail”: one read 140 milligrams, the other 150 mg of alcohol in his system.

Mr. Ryman pleaded guilty to over 80 mg and driving a motor vehicle on a highway with no licence.

Assistant Crown attorney Lyndsay Jeanes said Mr. Ryman had two previous impaired charges on his record; one he received in 1977, the other in 1990.

“He doesn’t seem to be learning it’s a criminal offence to drink and drive,” she told the court.

Judge John Evans handed Mr. Ryman $1,320 in fines for the over 80 charge and disqualified him from driving for 18 months. For driving with no licence he was given a further fine of $265.

Mr. Ryman, who was very apologetic, has been given six months to pay.

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