San Diego DUI Law Center

San Diego County DUI Law Center’s top Drunk Driving attorney Rick Mueller continues to serve the public by warning of the locations of various checkpoints.  This past weekend’s DUI checkpoint in PB is no exception as San Diego DUI lawyer’s free site identifies the famous Ingraham St. Bridge Trap.                                                
The August 16 Ingraham St DUI checkpoint in San Diego County was perfectly placed to trap drivers at the 2600 block.  This San Diego DUI checkpoint began around quarter after 11 pm and ended around 3 AM.

Almost 800 vehicles were unable to avoid this dreaded DUI checkpoint in San Diego county.

Over 500 vehicles faced California DUI screening at the primary level.

Over 20 motorists dealt with intensive secondary San Diego DUI evaluation.

14 folks were arrested for San Diego California DUI.  All their vehicles were impounded, say attorneys.

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