San Diego DUI Law Center

Yesterday San Diego County DUI Law Center’s attorney reported this story:  CHP shoots and kills unarmed potential San Diego suspect.”

The California Highway Patrol may have misinterpreted Anthony Osorio’s post-2:30 a.m. early Sunday morning erratic driving and speeding as drunk, thereby triggering police decision to stop his vehicle, leading to chase, an accident and ultimately a shooting death, California DUI lawyers believe.

CHP certainly misintepreted the young man’s actions when he tried to get out of his vehicle after the accident.

You knew this California Highway Patrol story was not going to go away, California DUI attorneys insist.

In fact, San Diego County Sheriff’s Department is working on the investigation of this unnecessary death of the father of 2 children and plans to execute a warrant for search of Mr.

Osorio’s Tahoe.  San Diego authorities hope to release more information this week.

Mr. Osorio’s father is waiting.  He says the California Highway Patrol officer’s shooting was murder of his son and was unjustified.

Dad wonders how his #1 son “could have moved toward the officers” if he was shot down right next to his vehicle after he examined the photographs.

His kind and neighborly son worked on the freeways late at night doing construction, and maintained a good relationship with police and California Highway Patrol.

His youngest son took his own life 3 months ago.  Both sons were close to each other and the older son was in pain over the youngest son’s death.

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