San Diego DUI Law Center

Guess what never works in your favor? A San Diego DUI cop lights you up. You hit the pedal to the medal.



DUI Lawyers say that is the worst thing you can do. Most cop cars go faster. And they have more cops.

California attorneys will tell you that a normal drunk driving can become a felony evasion.

Not good.

That’s what happened today!

A DUI suspect was arrested after leading San Diego police in a 10-minute chase at4:30 a.m. DUI officers tried to pull a car over for running a red light near Balboa Park. Then the chase began. The San Diego driver kept on driving, speeding up to 40 mph. San Diego DUI police chased as the man drove through several red lights and stop signs towards Hillcrest.
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Guess what happened next?

The car’s tire blew out.

With no choice, he pulled over and surrendered to police.
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How much do you think bail was? Avoid DUI bail in San Diego by avoiding these checkpoints lawyers warn.

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