Free Online AA Meetings During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Free Online AA Meetings During the Covid-19 Pandemic

If you get arrested for a DUI, it is possible an alcohol problem could be the root of it.

When your BAC is well over the .08% limit, and/or this is not your first DUI, there’s a strong indication that you need to make a change.

One thing I have discovered as a San Diego DUI lawyer in the past 35+ years of practicing law, is that attending AA meetings at least once a week can really help your case.

Attending AA meetings after being convicted of a DUI, does not necessarily mean you have a definitive alcohol problem. However, by doing so, you demonstrate your desire to help your case.

All meetings attended, must be signed off by another preset individual, generally your sponsor, in order to validate your attendance. If you are interested, please feel free to print out the AA attendance sheet form:

AA meetings are free. They run 7 days a week, for only an hour, almost any hour of the day. Here is a list of Daily Meetings in San Diego County. Or visit

There are even online AA meetings. During COVID-19 it has made it difficult for groups to meet in public settings however, for online AA meetings, check out these websites or

While AA meetings are free, to obtain proof of attendance from online meetings, it costs $20 month at this website:

As a helpful tip; it is smart to take a picture of your attendance sheet once your sponsor has signed off, verifying your attendance for that meetings, in the off chance that you misplace the physical document. This will ensure that you always have a full record of you attendance with you as well.

Typically, you will need to forward the signed-off attendance sheet to your San Diego DUI attorney the day before your next court date.

This will truly help your case.




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