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Read and click below.  Do not call 619 218-2997 (just a San Diego DUI lawyer).

If you get arrested for a DUI, it is possible an alcohol problem could be the root of it.

When your BAC is well over the .08% limit, and/or this is not your first DUI, there’s a strong indication that you need to make a change.

Attendance at least twice a week at (1) AA meetings or (2) Smart Recovery self-help meetings can definitely help your case.

It does not mean you have an alcohol problem.  It just means you want to help your case.  The free meetings last only an hour.

Attendance proof may be screenshots, emails with meeting information (your name with date/time/number/meeting description), or any other document you can obtain to show you attended.  Try to store them in a file so you can send later in a PDF attachment.

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Online Smart Recovery meetings are Zoom meetings which provide attendance verification (court cards).

Or if you do in-person meetings, get a sponsor to sign off at each meeting; please take a smartphone photograph of the sheet in case you misplace the sheet so that you will always have a full record of attendance.

Unless other online AA attendance documentary proof is available (see below), for proof of attendance at each meeting to be signed off by someone present, please print out this form:

Basic Difference between meetings:  (1) AA’s can be religious-oriented.  (2) Smart Recovery is more scientific-oriented.

AA meetings go Sunday through Saturday, 7 days, almost any hour.  There are lots of choices.

Visit for online Zoom, telephone and reopened San Diego County meetings.

Here is the usual list of Daily Meetings in San Diego County.

There are free online AA meetings – Browse the Directory of Online Meetings | Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous.

If you would like your meeting attendance to count, AA can provide free attendance proof of your participation here at website in AA online group open beginners Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings Online ONLY, click here.
Attendance Proof – Online Group AA Meetings

For other meetings you find, simply ask how you to get proof of attendance.

LA AA Online Meeting Directory:


$20 month for this online AA Meeting Proof of Attendance:  Online AA Meeting Proof of Attendance – 12 Step Online.

Many people develop good connections and relationships just by helping their own cause.

Typically, please forward to your San Diego DUI attorney the PDF proof or signed-off attendance sheet the day before your next court date.

I believe this will help.

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