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For San Diego Police Department to catch DUI drivers, the easiest thing to do is trap motorists anywhere coming out of Pacific Beach, where most drunk driving cases in the county originate.

So on Friday August 10, 2012, that is exactly what San Diego DUI police did at 2400 Grand Avenue, San Diego California from about 10 a.m. until 3:30 a.m. Saturday August 11, 2012.

Over 20 staff and the San Diego P.
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D. DUI Van/Intoxilyzer machine put up a roadblock starting around Quincy Street through Lee Street ending with Mission Bay High School Parking Lot at the end.
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Was this PB San Diego DUI checkpoint unconstitutional?

By the time motorists were in the drunk driving roadblock at this San Diego location, they could not avoid passing through the checkpoint. There was essentially no way a reasonable motorist could have had the opportunity to avoid the checkpoint.
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The small signs posted around Quincy Street were already too late to warn oncoming drivers.

15 DUI arrests were made after 35 San Diego drivers were evaluated with acrobatics (FST’s). Over 1,000 cars were trapped.

This location is found on this Free DUI Checkpoint Location site.

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