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San Diego DUI lawyers are proud to report less drunk drivers in San Diego this year.

It’s early in the Memorial Day weekend, but the California Highway Patrol reports that San Diego DUI drunk-driving arrests are down 44 percent down across San Diego County compared to the period last year. The drunk driving numbers were down 19 percent statewide.

Through the first 12 hours of the holiday weekend, the CHP arrested 29 people in San Diego County for San Diego DUI driving under the influence of alcohol, compared to 52 arrests for the same period last year, San Diego DUI lawyers report.
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CHP spokesman Rob Sanchez said officers expected fewer motorists due to poor weather and high gas prices, San Diego DUI attorneys report.

Statewide, the CHP made 390 California drunk-driving arrests during the time period compared to 481 last year.
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So far, the CHP reports seven vehicle deaths in the state, none of them in San Diego, California.
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Five of the people killed were not wearing seat belts according to California drunk driving criminal defense attorneys.

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