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Here’s a new one. The Missouri State Crime Laboratory toxicologist who testifies frequently in drunk driving court as to BAC blew a BAC 2 times .08% after arrested for DUI.

Lynn Kurtz faces misdemeanor DUI after rolling through a stop sign.
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His job at the State Crime Lab continues but won’t it be interesting for DUI lawyers lucky enough to cross-examine him.

Criminal Defense lawyers have already been notified in cases in which he will likely be called as a criminalist expert in DUI court.

Here’s where he might get in trouble – his accreditation agency now knows of the arrest.

Classic attorney question to ask in court because the arresting DUI officer asked Kurtz if he had anything to drink. He said: “A couple, and probably too much.”

A beer cup with a Miller Lite logo was found on the front seat. Party on.

Surprisingly, he performed “poorly” on field sobriety tests.

Once a reserve deputy sheriff with a lot of experience with DUI investigations, is what he told the DUI cop. Guess it didn’t help.

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