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A San Diego California Drunk Driving / DUI arrest sets in motion 2 separate and independent proceedings. Because a San Diego DUI carries potential penalties that include possible imprisonment, your San Diego DUI case will be in the San Diego criminal court system.

A San Diego DUI further subjects you to administrative proceedings with the San Diego DMV where DMV must determine whether to suspend your driving privilege or not. If your San Diego DMV defense lawyer does not request a hearing with 10 days, the suspension will be automatic.

As a San Diego DUI criminal defense attorney, Rick Mueller has successfully handled hundreds of San Diego DUI / Drunk Driving cases. San Diego Drunk Driving Criminal Defense Attorney Rick Mueller is familiar with both the San Diego DUI criminal and the San Diego DMV administrative proceedings.

Contrary to what some people hear, it is not always as simple as what was your San Diego DUI blood alcohol level at the time you took your chemical test.

In both San Diego DUI court and at the San Diego DMV, an experienced San Diego Drunk Driving criminal defense lawyer can raise these legal issues that may provide you a defense that could lead to an acquittal or your San Diego DUI being dropped. Experienced San Diego DUI criminal defense lawyer Rick Mueller can help San Diego DUI defendants in their legal proceedings. 23 years of experience.

If you are arrested for a San Diego DUI, you need the best San Diego DUI criminal defense attorney. Hire the best qualified San Diego DUI criminal defense lawyer.

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