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San Diego DUI / DMV Defense Attorney Rick Mueller is a premier San Diego DUI defense lawyer. San Diego Drunk Driving Criminal Defense Attorney Rick Mueller is a Specialist member of the California DUI Lawyers Association. San Diego Drunk Driving Criminal Defense Lawyer Rick Mueller is a member of the National College of DUI Defense. Rick is truly committed to those accused of a San Diego DUI.

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If charged with a San Diego DUI – first San Diego DUI offense or subsequent San Diego Drunk Driving offense – you need a top San Diego DUI criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights, represent your interests, keep you out of jail and save your job.

San Diego DUI Criminal Attorney Rick Mueller is an experienced, vigorous DUI / Drunk Driving lawyer with 23 years experience. As a San Diego California DUI Defense Lawyer, Rick will represent you at both (a) the San Diego DUI criminal case and (b) the San Diego DMV License Hearing. Your San Diego DUI – DMV Defense Attorney can appear for you in San Diego Drunk Driving Court and at the San Diego DMV, saving you time, money, driving privileges, inconvenience, unnecessary burdens &/or humiliation in two extremely difficult forums.

Rick handles all local California courts in San Diego County: Central Court in Downtown San Diego, South County Court in Chula Vista, North County Court in Vista, East County Court in El Cajon, and Juvenile Court in San Diego.

San Diego Drunk Driving Defense Attorney Rick Mueller has successfully defended hundreds of DUI clients throughout California.

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