San Diego DUI Law Center

San Diego DUI criminal defense attorneys are told that with the Labor Day holiday weekend right around the corner, law enforcers statewide are preparing for a major California Drunk Driving / DUI crackdown.

You have seen the signs along the freeways asking you to call 911 if you spot a San Diego DUI – drunk driver.

The Carlsbad Police Department shows you what you can expect if you make that San Diego DUI call.

As you make the 911 San Diego DUI call, stay on the phone with the operator and keep a safe distance behind the San Diego DUI – drunk driver. Carlsbad police say they’ll be there as fast as they can.
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“It’s a priority one call, which means it’s a life or death type of call to us,” Carlsbad Police Department says.

If you’re not sure what street you’re on, look for landmarks like churches, parks or shopping centers.
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Even a San Diego street address helps.

Throughout the San Diego DUI call, the 911 operator types down all of the pertinent information.

San Diego DUI lawyers are rold Carlsbad police say you make the call and they’ll make the San Diego DUI arrest, and with signs across California prompting drivers to do just that, law enforcement feels their message couldn’t be any clearer.

“If you drive drunk and you are over the limit, you’re going to be under arrest,” Carlsbad Police Department says.

Across San Diego county this holiday weekend, drivers will encounter San Diego DUI checkpoints.
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That includes one San Diego DUI heckpoint on Saturday night on Palomar Airport Road in Carlsbad, according to San Diego DUI criminal defense lawyers at .

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