San Diego DUI Law Center

San Diego County DUI Law Center wants people enjoying their friday and saturday nights to be warned about possible California DUI checkpoints this pre-Thanksgiving day weekend, attorneys remind.  
Here’s San Diego DUI lawyer Rick Mueller’s updated list of California drunk driving locations as they come in.   Text 619 218-2997 or email if you see a checkpoint go up this weekend.
San Diego Police love to stage San Diego California DUI checkpoint traps in the city on Friday and Saturday nights Nov. 22 and 23 between the hours of 10:30 p.m. and 3 a.m.  These are secret roadblocks designed to trap the driver so it cannot be avoided.  It’s like a spiderweb.  If you’re a driver, pretend you’re a fly going in the web without knowing what happened.
The specific location of the San Diego California DUI checkpoint will not be announced. San Diego California DUI Police say they choose locations based on collision and DUI statistics as well as the logistical safety of the officers and drivers. 
As they check for licensing, San Diego California DUI officers will also be screening drivers for signs of impairment by alcohol or drugs. When possible, specially trained San Diego California DUI officers will be on hand to evaluate drivers suspected of being under the influence of drugs, according to a police department press release. 
At a DUI checkpoint on First Avenue downtown last weekend, police arrested 11 drivers on suspicion of driving under the influence and impounded 12 vehicles. Of the 1,671 vehicles that went through the checkpoint, officers screened 1,031 of them and detained 20 of them for further evaluation of their sobriety. 
Drunk drivers continue to be a problem in San Diego. A driver suspected of DUI crashed into a patrol car and injured a police officer in Encanto on Nov. 20. 
A week earlier in Oceanside, a drunk driver collided with a tree, killing a passenger and tearing the car in half, according to CBS 8. The San Diego California DUI driver, a man in his early 20s, may be charged with manslaughter for the death of his passenger.

The total cost of a San Diego California DUI — including jail time, fines, legal fees, DUI classes and other related expenses — often reaches $12,000.  San Diego California DUI police advise anyone who has been drinking to save the money and spend a few extra dollars on a cab ride if a sober driver cannot be found.

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