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What should be the first items of business when you are arrested with a high BAC, for a second DUI, or for a third DUI while being well over the legal limit?

Obviously, the DUI prosecuting lawyer and the San Diego Superior Court will not be pleased when they see a high BAC and/or prior DUI(s), especially anything recent with a similarly high BAC.

Smart things to do:

  • Hire a San Diego DUI attorney. Let him or her handle everything.  He or she will be prepared.
  • Get your driver’s license back and make sure your driving privilege is protected.
  • Get alcohol treatment. Enroll in a program. Attend AA’s. Get proof for your lawyer.
  • Have your lawyer stop the DMV suspension action and schedule an APS hearing.
  • Show remorse and make any restitution.
  • Write a one page letter, for your DUI attorney’s file, stating:
    1. How this is the only recent singular indiscretion that has happened,
    2. How sorry you truly are,
    3. How another DUI will never occur because you are getting treatment & promise to hold yourself accountable
    4. How you contribute to your family, San Diego’s community and/or society, and
    5. How jail will ruin your life, cause you to lose your job, and/or destroy your family.

This letter can serve as a potentially valuable asset in the hands of your San Diego DUI lawyer. He can present it to the prosecutor or judge. He can keep it in his files, waiting for the right moment, the moment it is most needed or will be most beneficial.

With the current Coronavirus, Covid-19, pandemic situation, keeping people out of the San Diego jail is a top priority for your hard-working attorney.  It requires an artful approach by your DUI lawyer, who will want to paint you as the fine human being you truly are. Everyone has a bad day; anyone can get busted for drunk driving or DUI-drugs.

Follow these steps to give your DUI lawyer the chance to get you the very best Possible Outcome with the San Diego Superior Court and the DMV.

Your life isn’t over. You made a mistake because you’re human. You probably want to now make sure you minimize any damage.

In the chance you are convicted, do not panic about your record. Once your probation expires, your same attorney has the opportunity to file a petition to dismiss (expunge) this from your record. This is often a seen as a positive in this all, for purposes of future employment.


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