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Unfortunately, jurors in Steve Foley’s excessive force suit won’t be told the Coronado policeman who shot the former Chargers linebacker has a history of off-duty San Diego DUI / drunk driving chases.

Foley’s lawyers wanted to use Officer Aaron Mansker’s personnel file to show he violated state law and department policy at least twice by pursuing suspected San Diego DUI / drunk drivers while off duty.

Superior Court Judge Richard Strauss denied the request for this other San Diego DUI / drunk driving chase evidence. The civil trial starts Monday.

Masker was driving his personal vehicle when he spotted Foley driving drunk in September 2006.
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Foley was sadly shot twice after Mansker claimed the former Charger walked toward him and allegedly reached into his pants in a threatening manner. Mansker claims he followed Foley because he thought Foley was a threat to others. Authorities initially ruled Mansker shot in self-defense.
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The retired football player later pleaded to a San Diego DUI – related offense.
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Foley filed an excessive force and negligence civil suit against the officer and city of Coronado.

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