San Diego DUI Law Center

Hit and Run DUI cases in San Diego are sometimes easier to defend than just a California DUI or drunk driving charge, attorneys say.

Many times the police do not see the person driving and are unable to gather evidence to convict.  That means anything from an accused denying driving, a warrantless entry and/or a failure to administer a chemical test within 3 hours of driving in San Diego County, lawyers suggest.

It gets tougher when a driver repeatedly commits hit and run crashes, increasing the number of vehicles and possible witnesses.  Sooner or later, your luck runs out.

That is what happened last night after a hit and run series of accidents after midnight in the Tierrasanta neighborhood of San Diego.  2 SUV’s and a car were among the damage as a couple were followed by witnesses.  The police caught up and made a San Diego DUI arrest.

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