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What can a San Diego California DUI arrest & Drunk Driving conviction cost you?

Loss of your driver’s license. Heavy fines. Court costs and extensive administrative fees. Probation. Jail or State prison. Vehicle impoundment or forfeiture. An ignition interlock device put on your car. As a San Diego Drunk Driving criminal defense attorney can tell you, these are all consequences that can flow from a San Diego DUI.

California treats a San Diego DUI / Drunk Driving / Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) seriously. The laws are strict, the prosecutors and courts often act without mercy or discretion, and the punishments are harsh. That is when you need a San Diego DUI criminal defense lawyer.

Aside from the more obvious legal consequences of dealing with the police, the courts, and the Department of Motor Vehicles (“DMV”), there are practical consequences that often flow from a San Diego DUI arrest or conviction. A San Diego California Drunk Driving Criminal Defense Lawyer can show you.

Since San Diego DUI is a crime, and a San Diego DUI conviction will give you a permanent “criminal” record, you could lose your job or be prevented certain future employment.

A San Diego DUI conviction can cause your insurance rates to skyrocket; and sometimes insurance companies will cancel your coverage altogether. There are other, “hidden” San Diego DUI penalties. Public work service and substance abuse treatment are other consequences a San Diego DUI prosecution and conviction may bring.

Protect yourself from unfair losses of your rights and privileges. Obtain guidance through the legal and practical “minefield” that is a San Diego DUI case. Minimize the consequences of your San Diego DUI, or avoid them altogether. Contact a San Diego California DUI Criminal Defense Attorney Specialist today at .

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