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How Can My San Diego DUI Attorney Win my San Diego DUI Case?

Start with a proven and knowledgeable San Diego DUI lawyer. A skilled and experienced San Diego drunk driving lawyer can win a San Diego DUI case based on San Diego DUI police mistakes, San Diego DUI breath test defenses, San Diego DUI blood test defenses, San Diego DUI prosecuting attorney mistakes, and/or a plethora of legal, factual and procedural San Diego DUI attorney issues. Your San Diego DUI criminal defense lawyer will have the right San Diego DUI books to win the case.

The best DUI book to win a San Diego Drunk Driving case is co-written by Premier California DUI Defense Attorney Donald Bartell. Living Legend Don Bartell is co-author of a brand new top San Diego DUI attorney defense book: Attacking and Defending Drunk Driving Tests. Don Bartell is simply one of the best DUI lawyers in the country.

As a small plane pilot with very big guns, Don literally flies under the radar, and DUI Prosecutors usually do not get his flight pattern in advance. If this was the U.S. Military, Don would be The Top Gun.
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This is an equally difficult warfare where Don is both street-smart and book-brilliant. Don gets results, period! Don is a DUI Hero. Don cleverly combines Gerry Spence with Johnny Cochran and F. Lee Bailey. Don amazingly expresses those phenomenal traits in black and white.
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If any San Diego DUI attorney buys the book (and CD), reads it and then can honestly say he or she did not think it was worth the book’s $119 “no-brainer” price, send the book to The San Diego County DUI Law Center to be repaid for Don’s fantastic, Award-winning DUI Defense book.

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