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It’s Cinco De Mayo weekend in San Diego California and that means lots of DUI & Drunk Drivers will be suspected and arrested, attorneys remind.  But that does NOT mean these weekend enjoyers will necessarily be convicted of San Diego DUI or California drunk driving, lawyers urge.

Sometimes a person may question why a lawyer would represent someone for a San Diego drunk driving charge or why an attorney would defend a driver facing California DUI charges.

As a San Diego Calfiornia DUI criminal defense attorney, how do you respond?

You could start with the presumption of innocence and other constitutional safeguards, San Diego DUI lawyers suggest.  Just because a person is accused of a San Diego DUI, there does not mean the person is guilty.  We are lucky to live in the United States of America which originated by bold and fair people believing in the rights of people.

The fine American folks who wrote the Constitution knew that any one cop can accuse and any person can be arrested at any time.  Only through strenuous criminal defense can a lawyer assist an accused in determining truth and/or guilt (or no guilt).

Think of all of the people in prison, wrongfully accused in their initial criminal case, being let free recently based on DNA evidence!  What about the security guard who faced accusations at the bombing during the olympics in Atlanta Georgia?  What about the lacrosse team incorrectly accused of rape?  Did those people deserve the benefits of our constitution?  Were those people lucky to have their criminal defense attorneys?  You bet!

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