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How to Find a Good San Diego DUI Lawyer

Everyone in San Diego has lapses of judgment at some point; if you’ve been charged

with San Diego Driving Under the Influence, then you’ll want to work with an

experienced San Diego DUI lawyer to help clear your record. Rather than just

finding the first San Diego attorney that you come across, take some time to

evaluate the potential options for San Diego counsel before making a final


As a first step, make sure that you’re working with a well-qualified,

experienced lawyer who has handled a number of San Diego DUI cases. In many

instances, the intricacies of a San Diego individual case require certain areas

of expertise to navigate; an experienced San Diego DUI attorney will know how to

streamline the procedure so that you can minimize the potential San Diego

penalties you face. Once you’ve found a San Diego DUI attorney who has handled

drunk driving cases, do some background research by asking questions

about his or her background, including references from successfully

defended San Diego cases, legal membership organizations and the number of years

he or she has been in practice. There are several San Diego attorney search

tools that you can use to look into the details of a given San Diego lawyer –

always ask trusted friends for references for San Diego lawyers they have worked

with, as well.

After you have established a level of trust with a given San Diego attorney,

check to see who exactly will be handling your San Diego case. In many

instances, junior associates or paralegals will handle the majority of

client work, while the main attorney will oversee the process. If you

need consistent access to an expert – for example, if you’re facing a

potential loss of license – then consider working with an independent

San Diego DUI lawyer who can directly oversee your case.

Most San Diego lawyers offer a free evaluation of your San Diego case – take advantage of this offer by not only coming to understand the potential defense strategy but also how the process will work from the San Diego attorney’s perspective.
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Understanding the rhythm and procedures in the process is particularly important,

especially for San Diego cases that can be complex and length, such as a revoked

license or a San Diego drunk driving accident.

Cost is, of course, an important factor to keep in mind, so feel free

to check whether a given San Diego lawyer’s rates are within your budget. Often

times, you won’t need to select the most prestigious San Diego lawyer or law

firm to handle your case, as many small to medium size San Diego firms have

strong defense records and a wealth of experience at a fraction of the

billing rate. To make a proper decision regarding your San Diego DUI defense,

make an informed selection based upon relative cost, legal experience

and the level of attention you can expect for your San Diego case.

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