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How to minimize risk when drinking alcohol in downtown San Diego?

     1. Rethink going out during the “reopening” period.

    • A major risk that can easily be avoided is the regular DUI checkpoints that are expected to reconvene during this period.
    • Not to mention the obvious, of having someone infect you with the Coronavirus/COVID-19Reclosing San Diego bars aims to avoid “recipes for possible disaster.”


     2. Have knowledge of common DUI checkpoint locations.

    •  Click here to see the Google Maps of all of the common DUI checkpoints in San Diego county.
    • If you must go out during the “reopening” period, try and avoid driving on the streets marked with blue police cars – those are all checkpoints.
    • If you get trapped in a checkpoint, please follow these tips on how to minimize a San Diego DUI conviction.
    • When contacted by the officer, have your smartphone ready (not hidden) – to make sure you are taping your encounter.
      • George Floyd’s family can attest to the fact that there is nothing like videotape footage to prove something & assist your case in the end
Don’t Panic:
    • Have a good quality mask on to cover both your mouth and your nose.  It may cover up or reduce the odor of alcohol,  meaning cop may not smell it and let you go or treat you differently.
    • Do not remove the mask.  Tell any officer you need that mask on at all times to protect you and your vulnerable loved ones, and to protect the officer.
    • The DUI officer will almost never have any proof – by definition – that you were driving “under the influence.”
    • San Diego’s officers will not observe any egregious, drunk, or impaired driving; just you pulling into checkpoint.
    • You are only Under the Influence if your mental or physical abilities are so impaired that you are no longer able to operate a vehicle with the caution characteristics of a sober person, using ordinary care.


      3. Avoid one-way streets.

    • Downtown has a number of one-way streets and each one is a separate risk when you are driving downtown.
    • For a full list of one-way streets in downtown San Diego, Click here.
    • Getting pulled over by the San Diego Police Department for driving the wrong direction on a one-way street does happen.
Tips to Avoid San Diego DUI:
    • With all the craziness created by the Coronavirus/COVID-19 the number of fast and/or aggressive drivers on the road; be careful.
    • Drive normal. San Diego DUI police officers are on even more high alert for divers speeding and/or making strange moves during these times.
    • Don’t let your phone tempt you. Start by putting your phone in either your glove box or trunk.
    • Cops can’t – and usually won’t – pull you over unless you are doing something wrong or suspicious.
    • Follow these important standard tips to minimize your risk of a DUI conviction.


These are just a few tips on how to minimize risk when drinking alcohol in downtown San Diego. Especially during the Coronavirus/ COVID-19, it is always safer to be as cautious as possible.

Everyone, be safe. Your family loves you.

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