When you lose a San Diego DUI – DMV hearing, if you can afford it, have your San Diego DUI attorney fight the San Diego DUI – DMV by file a Petition for Writ of Mandamus.

This is an expensive San Diego DUI lawyer process so most people avoid this San Diego DUI – DMV process. However, you also should be complaining to your State Assemblyman or State Senator that the San Diego DUI – DMV hearings are not fair. The San Diego DUI – DMV Hearing Officer works for the DMV and the San Diego DUI – DMV Hearing Officer answers to their superiors to take your license, and the Hearing Officer also acts as the San Diego DUI – DMV’s attorney against you. How can that be fair?? It cannot.

The California Courts have said this is perfectly alright, but let’s get real. There is no way you are getting a fair San Diego DUI – DMV hearing. This will not change without California DUI – DMV legislation because of the cost to the courts for say an Administrative Law Judge to hear this matter, and with the State budget, it will not happen, so when you take the Writ make sure your San Diego DUI – DMV attorney argues that you are not getting a fair San Diego DUI – dmv hearing for this reason.

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