San Diego DUI Law Center

Here come the San Diego DUI checkpoints, attorneys warn.  Stay tuned to this Labor Day Driver Safety Watch site for locations of actual San Diego DUI roadblocks, something you want to avoid, says San Diego County DUI Law Center’s lawyer Rick Mueller.

The action begins at 7 pm tonight in Poway of North San Diego County Inland as a secret drunk driving checkpoint will go up.  It continues until 3 a.m. Saturday.

Not to be outdone, the San Diego Police Department plans to stage a number of DUI checkpoints at secret locations beginning at 10 p.m tonight, going to 4:30 August 31.  Then again on Saturday same hours.  

National City California will stage a 7 pm September 1 DUI checkpoint somewhere.

If you see a San Diego DUI checkpoint, text Attorney Rick Mueller at 619 218 2997 or email so the location can be added to this site.

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