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Does San Diego Government care if medical marijuana is legal and the U.S Govt says driving with marijuana is not dangerous?  No, say San Diego California DUI lawyers.

They will still hound citizens, as shown by today’s Alpine California MJ bust, San Diego DUI attorneys report.

 There is no evidence that marijuana use leads to higher risk of traffic accident, California DUI attorneys share!  That will not stop cops busting people for DUI – Marijuana.

Similarly, the San Diego California Sheriff’s police crackdown on marijuana continues.
At 11:30 pm on March 2, 2015, a Sheriff’s Deputy was parked in his marked patrol unit in close proximity to a residence in Alpine.
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The occupants of the residence noticed the vehicle and one occupant accidentally dialed the Sheriff’s Department on his cell phone.
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The cell phone had an open line and as the Sheriff’s dispatcher tried to ascertain a need for assistance, the occupants continued a conversation discussing narcotics, items used to manufacture butane honey oil as well as a desire to harm the deputy.
The call continued for a period of time and Sheriff’s personnel were able to locate the residence where the call was originating.
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Sheriff’s deputies went to the door of the residence where they contacted three men.
A legal search was conducted of the residence and 93 marijuana plants were allegedly discovered to be growing there. Three men were arrested; M. Stuxx, 35 years, K. Kondxx, 32 years, and C. Feugexx 38 years.
The California charges included cultivation of marijuana, possession of marijuana for sale, possession of controlled substance, as well as probation violation.
The San Diego County Integrated Narcotic Task Force responded and will handle the follow-up investigation.

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