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What is the value of Imperial Beach’s Saturday Night Labor Day DUI and driver’s license checkpoint, San Diego Attorneys ask?
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Lawyers are provided these numbers:

1,291 vehicles drove through.

1,191 were contacted by DUI cops fishing for signs of impairment.

1,000 drivers were screened.

30 vehicles went to secondary DUI area.

9 drivers did DUI field sobriety tests.
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2 vehicles impounded.

1 person arrested for DUI!

34 cups of coffee drank by highly-paid San Diego county DUI cops.

24 donuts eaten by Overtime-seeking San Diego county drunk driving deputies.

Funding by the federal government. Yes that same broke federal government.

A little revenue collected for the little municipality arising out of the impound kick-backs.
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What a bargain!

Sounds like a real success.

This San Diego county DUI checkpoint operated from 7:30 p.m. until 2:30 a.m.

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