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If you are arrested in San Diego California for DUI, you have to take a test. If you do not take a test, you risk losing your driving privilege unless you have a good legal or factual explanation.
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San Diego DUI DMV defense lawyers can assist.
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A successful San Diego Drunk Driving criminal defense attorney attack may entail showing the San Diego County area DUI police officer(s) failed to follow one or more of California’s implied consent laws.
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Successful San Diego Drunk Driving criminal defense lawyers’ attacks include: (1)Failure of the San Diego DUI police to Comply with statutory requirements or procedure; (2) San Diego County DUI Police’s Untimely implied consent warning; (3) San Diego California DUI police Misinformation in the implied consent warning; and/or (4) San Diego Drunk Driving Police failure to properly Notify of intent to revoke or suspend license.

For your best defensive approach in a San Diego DUI / San Diego Drunk Driving – DMV Refusal case, a Free Survey by a San Diego DUI criminal defense lawyer is available

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