San Diego DUI Law Center

In San Diego County, if you don’t have a DUI, probably your friend, family member, co-worker or neighbor does, attorneys believe.

Per, San Diego boasts “the largest percentage of drivers with alcohol-related driving convictions” in mid-2010. (This is from information from folks seeing vehicle insurance quotes from

During Labor Day 2010, San Diego DUI cops arrested 957 persons, for example.

A DUI may cost around or over ,000.


Drunk Driving impound fee, apx. $270.
San Diego DUI court fine, ,000.

DMV reissue fees, apx. $195.
DUI classes, $477 apx.
$20 donation for MADD meeting.
$6,000 min. in insurance increases.
$2,500 min. on criminal defense lawyer.

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