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Smoke and drive after having some marijuana, San Diego DUI lawyers ask?
The former cop calls his device the Cannabix Breathalyzer.  In North America, people do not want to drink and drive but they will smoke marijuana and drive until a reliable DUI – marijuana test comes along.  
This marijuana device purportedly works in much the same way as the original breathalyzer but California DUI attorneys are skeptical. 

The device was made with Dr. Raj Attariwala, a radiologist and his partner on the project. They are currently testing the device but have reported promising findings to their local media. Their intent is to create a reliable device which can tell if someone smoked in the last 2 hours.

There is currently a fierce debate over how marijuana impacts driving and DUI.  New York is ready to legalize.  Sites and scientists are posting information both for one side and for the other. Read some scientific studies here.

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