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When shopping for a San Diego DUI Attorney, people often encounter the “high” versus the “low” fee quote.

There’s a bit of a mystery why, e.g., a number of local San Diego DUI Law firms and LA County DWI Lawyers quote “very high” fees “including” purported “trial” fees.

Such lawyers – if you actually talk to a real attorney – likely won’t tell you is that more drunk driving cases than not are plea bargained, dropped and/or disposed of – favorably or unfavorably – PRIOR to any TRIAL.

San Diego County lawyers in El Cajon, in Vista and in Chula Vista should be able to confirm the fact that approximately ninety-five percent or more of DUI court cases settle without any trial.

That’s right, just five percent or less of of DUI cases in San Diego County go to trial.

Does it make sense to pay for a trial that does not happen?

And why is “trial” payment to these law firms required in advance?

Aren’t there things that happen pre-trial?

The answers to these mystery questions may be found in this helpful new Article written by San Diego County DUI Law Center’s Rick Mueller, a California DUI Lawyers Association (CDLA) Specialist.

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