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During the recent San Diego jury trial, claimant Marjan Montazemi said former San Diego Police Department DUI Officer Arevalos pulled her on January 11, sexually assaulted her and made crude remarks. Montazemi was arrested and pled to a San Diego DUI charge.

Claims have alleged the San Diego Police Department had knowledge of similar conduct by Arevalos prior to him attacking women.

Ms. Montazemi can’t be very happy by a jury’s decision to find Arevalos “Not Guilty” of 7 charges related to her particular DUI stop. In fact, it may hurt her civil claim against SDPD.

“It’s upsetting. I’m hurt, very hurt that I came forward and they didn’t believe what I said,” Montazemi said in a recent News 8 story.

She had testified Arevalos suggested he wanted to see her naked in high heels & groped her as he placed her into his San Diego Police Department vehicle. She provided a graphic demonstration of how the San Diego DUI police officer had allegedly fondled her. She hoped it help other victims to come forward.

Some jurors apparently found her testimony to be inconsistent as they voted not guilty, San Diego DUI attorneys indicate.

“In the final decisions, you have to take a look at the blood alcohol. You have to take a look at her recall,” one juror said.

Even with the acquittals on counts related to her, Arevalos is looking at a possible 10-year prison term as a result of his conviction.

The 25 year old’s lawyer maintained the San Diego City Attorney’s office has indicated possibly settling her claim out of court.

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