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San Diego DUI lawyers have been talking about the “La Mesa” DUI / Drunk Driving / Drunk in Public situation.

Well, the city of La Mesa has now hired an independent investigator to determine whether police officers gave the mayor special treatment after allegedly finding him and a city employee apparently drunk on a residential street.

Police drove Mayor Art Madrid and the finance department employee, Trisha Turner, home without giving them San Diego DUI / Drunk Driving field sobriety tests.

Police chief Alan Lanning says he hopes the report, due within a month, will settle questions about the Feb. 20 episode, according to San Diego DUI attorneys.

This move apparently followed the decision last week by the San Diego County district attorney’s office to charge the employee, Trisha Turner, with a misdemeanor count of San Diego DUI – driving under the influence. Madrid does not currently face charges. provides information to help citizens.

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