San Diego DUI Law Center

Friday night, San Diego Police Department surprised motorists having fun downtown at the Gaslamp by staging a DUI checkpoint at 5th and Ash from 11 pm to 3 am, lawyers announce.

A number of fine folks trying to get home were trapped by this San Diego DUI roadblock, local criminal defense attorneys are told.

If there is no way to avoid it, it could be argued that this San Diego DUI checkpoint at 1500 Fifth Ave. was unlawful.  If there was insufficient notice as one drove towards the San Diego Drunk Driving checkpoint, the evidence seized may not be used against the driver at the court and/or DMV administrative proceeding. See this San Diego County DUI Law Center article.

Over one thousand vehicles went through this San Diego DUI checkpoint.  Seven hundred were screened for DUI.  Thirty-three were sent for further DUI evaluation. Twenty-one were arrested for California DUI, say lawyers.

If you know of San Diego checkpoint locations, please contact or visit this valuable location site.

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