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San Diego county law enforcement is intent on doing regular drunk driving checkpoints in an effort to make San Diego DUI arrests.

On Saturday, June 6, Escondido’s Police Department conducted a San Diego DUI & California Drunk Driving Checkpoint at the intersection of Valley Parkway and Juniper Street from 6:00 PM until 12:15 AM. The San Diego DUI checkpoint was to detect impaired drivers, make DUI arrests, and have a visible drunk driving roadblock operation to deter driving under the influence.

The Supreme Court requires strict adherence to a number of criteria. If these important California DUI checkpoint guidelines are not followed, make sure you contact a San Diego DUI attorney who can vigorously protect your rights as a citizen entitled to be free from unnecessary or unconstitutional infringements on your liberties.

Here are the statistics from this weekend San Diego County drunk driving checkpoint:

Of the 2,150 vehicles entered the San Diego DUI checkpoint westbound on Valley Parkway, 113 vehicles sent to secondary (drivers who could not produce a drivers license or who were suspected of being DUI – under the influence of alcohol or drugs). Eleven drivers were given DUI FST’s. Of those eleven, eight drivers were arrested for San Diego California DUI – driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Five drivers attempted to avoid this checkpoint by making a U turn and driving the wrong way down Valley Parkway. Four of the five drivers were caught and all four drivers were found to be unlicensed. The law allows drivers to avoid a checkpoint as long as they violate no law in doing so. In this case, these five drivers drove the wrong way.

The question becomes was there a proper escape route otherwise available. If not, a San Diego DUI lawyer may ask the court to suppress the DUI evidence and dismiss the case in court and at DMV.

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