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Last night, July 22, 2011, from 7:00 PM to 2:00 AM, deputies from the San Diego Sheriff’s Department Poway Station wasted valuable taxpayer money with a San Diego County DUI checkpoint at 14300 Poway Road, lawyers are told.

The DUI checkpoint was manned with 25 Sheriff’s personnel, consisting of DUI trained deputies who could have been out making actual DUI arrests, Reserves, Explorers and senior volunteers, attorneys learned.

The purported purpose of the San Diego drunk driving checkpoint was to remove impaired and/or unsafe drivers from the roadway and educate the motoring public and increasing the safety of all drivers.

But although the San Diego county DUI checkpoint had 544 pass, with 25 of those directed into the secondary inspection area for further evaluation, no driver was arrested for DUI! Does that mean the 25 suspected fish were the product of bad DUI detection training or typical police mistakes?

A small amount of taxpayer money was recouped.

8 vehicles were impounded. 5 drivers were booked into custody for driving on a suspended driver’s license. 5 drivers were issued citations for other driver license violations, 1 driver was arrested for possession of marijuana and 1 teen driver was cited for being out of compliance with the new driver’s license provisions.

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