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San Diego’s former police officer Anthony Arevalos is on trial. On Wednesday, a forensic toxicologist will explain how the prosecution’s witnesses’ memories may have been affected by alcohol or being DUI.

He is accused of eliciting sexual favors from women he pulled over while on duty. Some of the women who testified claim he groped them and sexually assaulted them after pulling them over on suspicion of DUI last year.

When his San Diego criminal defense attorneys present their witnesses, an expert will discuss the effects that alcohol has on a person’s memory, as evidence in the case shows that many of the women were under the influence of alcohol or DUI. He will not testify.

Many of the testimonies have portrayed Arevalos as “creepy” and describe encounters with him in which they claim he touched them inappropriately.

One woman claimed in her testimony that Arevalos followed her into a public restroom and told her to show him her breasts.
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She then stated that Arevalos touched her inappropriately. That incident led to the charges currently against him.
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Here’s the link to the video of the entrance to the restroom.

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