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President’s Day weekend may have meant another day off for some folks and another day to enjoy, but it also meant San Diego area police put up DUI checkpoints in the following areas Friday and Saturday night, report San Diego DUI Lawyers:

1. Escondido

2. Ramona

3. Chula Vista, at Bonita and Glen Abby Roads.

4. Pacific Beach (San Diego) at Mission Bay High School, 2475 Grand Ave.

California’s Ten day DMV deadline occurs before your Court date so time is of the essence.

A quality San Diego DUI Attorney can timely save your license. A premier San Diego DMV Lawyer must be consulted prior to any California DMV hearing being scheduled.

San Diego DUI Attorneys vigorously cover both (1) your criminal court rights in San Diego Superior Court and (2) your license to drive.

Clearly San Diego DUI Attorneys who are uniquely recognized by the California DUI Lawyers Association as “Specialists” would be the smart start. If CDLA does not list the proclaimed San Diego “DUI Attorney” as one of the three local “Specialists”, he or she is not.

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