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Attention Pokémon Go Players:  If arrested for DUI, Professor Willow can’t help you stay out of jail.  Get smart – put your smart phone down while driving after drinking, San Diego attorneys recommend.

In an accident case of first impression, DUI police were told by the .20% BAC Pokemon Go driver that he was distracted by the game and the phone while playing with friends in Vermont.

After its July 6th release, this Pokemon Go video shows how to engage in the virtual scavenger hunt game.  DUI or not, you can see it is not a good idea to drive while hunting 142 Pokemon characters no matter how good of a multi-tasker you think you are.

Pokemon Go is going to kill someone next.  Look at these players walking into traffic, on Facebook.

Because your phone projects digital aspects via GPS into the real world, it’s a big-time distraction.

Add booze to the cruise and you lose.

Some of the craziness:

In San Diego, 2 men went off a ninety foot cliff while playing Pokémon Go.

A Maryland man hit a parked police car while trying to catch Pokemon to use in battle against other players for experience and points.   After crashing, he gets out of his car, waves his smartphone at the cop, which shows Pokemon Go images and says:  “That’s what I get for playing this dumb ass game!”

Player falls off pier, into water.  People just walk around looking at their phone, not where they are walking.

Canadians were playing Pokémon Go in Alberta.  Distracted as they worked their dream of becoming a Pokémon Go Master, they accidentally walked into Montana.  Captured after their transfixation by U.S. Border Patrol, they were released from Pokémon Go jail to their mother.

Pokémon Go is so popular, Nintendo stock rose 63% at one point.  Yesterday Nintendo stock plummeted 17% when Nintendo announced it only owns a 32% share of the game actually owned by Niantic Labs, a mobile gaming start-up spun out of Google.

Is it worth spending 6 to 10 hours a day playing?  Nothing is worth getting a DUI over, lawyers remind.

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