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San Diego cops love to go after drunk drivers.  Memorial Day weekend is a special time for California DUI police.

In San Diego, the Sheriff’s Department will bolster additional DUI patrols in San Diego County beginning on Friday, May 23rd at 7:00 p.m. and ending on Tuesday, May 27th at 3:00 a.m.  Be ready, warn San Diego DUI lawyers.

Try to avoid San Diego California DUI checkpoints throughout Memorial Day Weekend. The San Diego County DUI Law Center will post free notice of the locations here.  So far there are scheduled secret San Diego Drunk Driving roadblock locations:

• Tonight Friday, May 23rd – San Marcos, Encinitas
• Sunday, May 25th – Poway.

Last Memorial Day DUI arrest period, 2013, the Sheriff’s Department popped thirty-nine people for DUI in San Diego County.

“Be responsible when you’re on the road this Memorial Day,” said San Diego DUI Kingpin, Sheriff Bill Gore. “If you drink, make sure you have a designated driver. Remember … DRIVE SOBER OR GET PULLED OVER!”  Money for the Memorial Day San Diego DUI patrols and California drunk driving checkpoints is provided by the State of California’s unlimited grant source, attorneys remind.

The cops are also doing serious seat belt enforcement – read all about it.

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