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Most Dangerous Time on the Road

Historically the most dangerous time on the road; the holiday season is a time full of celebration and alcohol. With Christmas and New Year’s quickly approaching, the increased opportunities for a DUI are upon us. While Christmas and New Year’s may look a little different admits the COVID-19 global pandemic, the increased risk of drinking and driving is still immediate.



Holiday Driving Statistics

The increased risk of drinking and driving during the holidays, quickly turns, what should be a festive and happy time spent with loved ones, into an event that can potentially damper the merriment of the holidays. The U.S. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reports that drunk drivers play a role in over 40 percent of traffic deaths over Christmas and New Year’s.

The U.S Department of Transportation goes on to give the 40% of traffic deaths over Christmas and New Year’s a concrete number. The U.S Department of Transportation reports that around 300 Americans die each year in the handful of days surrounding Christmas and New Year’s. This has been a national reported statistic for the holiday season for the past 5 years.



Avoiding Alcohol Issues During the Holidays

The holidays provide numerous opportunities for social events and festivities where alcohol is consumed as part of the celebrations. Knowing this, attendees of such social events and festivities should plan ahead. Plan ahead by establishing a safe and reliable way of getting to and from the holiday celebrations.

When planning ahead, drivers should take extra precautions when planning to drink. These extra precautions could make all the difference in helping to avoid any costly and potentially deadly outcomes that can result from drinking and driving.



Tips for Avoiding a Holiday DUI

It is important to be cautious of drinking alcohol and driving, every day of the year. However, with the holidays quickly approaching, planning ahead, and taking steps to avoid driving under the influence is important. Here are some tips for avoiding a DUI this holiday season:


  • First and foremost, simply do not drink and drive.
  • Be smart about drinking. Whether you plan to drive or not, being smart about your drinking will make all the difference.
  • Use ride services, even if you live close by. Being close to home, does not decrease your chances of getting arrested for a DUI.
  • Don’t rely on the concept of “one drink an hour”. Since everyone’s body reacts to alcohol differently, this concept does not work for everyone.
  • Have a designated driver. When choosing a designated driver, you should choose someone who will not take a single drink of alcohol.
  • Stay where you’re at. In a position of limited options, staying where the holiday event was hosted, to avoid getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol, is an easy way to avoid a DUI.



A Holiday DUI

This holiday season use these tips to avoid drinking and driving altogether. However, if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of a holiday DUI, it is paramount you contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

California DUI Lawyers Association Designated Specialist, Rick Mueller, is the right lawyer to call for any San Diego holiday DUIs. With his impressive record and determination, Rick Mueller will be sure to get the most favorable outcome for your specific holiday DUI situation.

Most Dangerous Time on the Road

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