San Diego DUI Law Center

San Diego drivers should familiarize themselves with new 2017 DUI and DUI-related laws which impact driving in California:

  1. Ignition Interlock Device in any vehicle owned or operated, mandatory beginning 1/1/18 and optional now.  Driver blows in IID before starting vehicle.  Vehicle will start if no alcohol.
  2. Take an Uber.  Uber and Lyft now safer as California does not permit its drivers who are registered sex offenders, convicted of violent felonies or a DUI conviction within last 7 years. Uber and Lyft drivers must have BAC of .03% or less while driving.
  3. Don’t drink and drive with kids but if you do, kids younger than 2 must sit in rear-facing car seats.
  4. Do not touch your smart phone or cell phone for anything, even GPS.  Phone must be properly mounted and completely hands-free.  Can’t even swipe.  No fingers on phone, period.  Don’t give cops a reason to stop you and arrest you for DUI if you’ve been drinking.  Pre-program GPS.  Shut off.  Put in trunk.
  5. No searching for Pokemon Go characters while driving, a new illegal distraction expanding the state law against texting while driving.
  6. You can smoke marijuana before you drive as long as you’re not under the influenceMarijuana is legal. Keep pot in trunk.  No smoking while driving under new proposal.

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