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San Diego DUI criminal defense lawyers representing victims of the latest San Diego Police Department scandal “Sex for No – DUI” favor are referring victims to personal injury attorneys. Claims escalate. 5 more now against the City of San Diego.

San Diego police Officer Anthony Arevalos is fighting for his life at his trial in San Diego Superior Court because allegedly he solicited sexual favors from women during traffic stops from September 2009 to March of this year.

The Police Department fired him weeks after his March arrest. He faces 21 felony charges.

The claims add to the $5.5 million claim filed by a woman in May. One of the alleged victims seek $1.5 million in damages, while another requests $1.1 million.

Other claimants ask for more than $10,000.

Marjan Montazemi alleges SDPD cop Arevalos stopped her on Jan. 11, sexually assaulted her and made crude remarks. Montazemi was arrested and pled to a San Diego California DUI charge.

A number of claims allege San Diego Police Department had knowledge of similar conduct by Arevalos prior to him attacking the ladies.

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