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Poway is one of a number of communities who continue to put huge amounts of dollars into setting up DUI Checkpoints in this north San Diego County inland gem of California but produce little or no drunk driving arrests, attorneys note.
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A week from friday, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department will be up to it again in Poway California, DUI lawyers warn.
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On August 10, 2012, between 6 p.m. and 2 a.m., DUI and donut deputies from San Diego County Sheriff’s Department Poway Station trap motorists at a secret DUI sobriety and driver’s license checkpoint location, attorneys were told today.

San Diego County DUI Law Center’s Rick Mueller tracks these drunk locations for free and stores them at this site. The checkpoint location is presently undisclosed.
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If you learn of it, email

Any questions regarding the California DUI Poway checkpoint can be answered by San Diego Sheriff’s Deputy Aaron Meleen, Sergeant David Cheever or Lieutenant Scott Miller, all good guys with hopes of catching or stopping DUI drivers.

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