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San Diego DUI lawyers suggest a person who gets a San Diego DUI but does not reside in California first contact the San Diego DUI Assessment Unit in order to get permission to attend an online class, if possible. has lots of informative San Diego DUI Attorney stories.

Drug & Alcohol Safety Education, Alcohol Education School, Offender Education, DUI/DWI Risk Reduction Class, DUI School, DUI Class, Alcohol/Substance Abuse and Traffic Safety Class, DUI Education Program, Drinking Driver Program, Impaired Driver Education/Prevention.

Important Notice: Some states prohibit online classes and will not accept a certificate of completion if completed online. Click here to review your state’s policies about online classes before you register for a class. Call 208-368-9909 if you are not sure.

Classes Available: Online DUI/DWI/OUI/OWI Classes are available for 8-32 hours, depending on your requirements. Please click here to find out what classes you need to take in your state.

Class Fees:

8 Hour Online DUI/DWI Class: $150.00
Nevada DMV Approved 8 Hour Online DUI School: $150.00 (License #DUI000027610)
10 Hour Online DUI/DWI Class: $185.00
12 Hour Online DUI/DWI Class: $225.00
16 Hour Online DUI/DWI Class: $300.00
18 Hour Online DUI/DWI Class: $337.00
20 Hour Online DUI/DWI Class: $375.00
21 Hour Online DUI/DWI Class: $390.00
22 Hour Online DUI/DWI Class: $410.00
24 Hour Online DUI/DWI Class: $450.00
32 Hour Online DUI/DWI Class: $600.00
8 Hour Online DUI/DWI Individual Therapy Projects Class: $150.00
45 Hour Online DUI California Non-resident 6 Month Course: $845.00*
60 Hour Online DUI California Non-resident 9 Month Course: $1125.00*
78 Hour Online DUI California Non-resident 18 Month Course: $1463.00*
*Please call 1-877-368-9909 between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Mountain Standard Time for payment plans for these classes.

Class Enrollment Information: Register and Pay Online OR by Phone at 208-368-9909.

Class Goal: This class is designed to meet the educational and legal requirements of individuals required to attend an 8-32 hour DUI/DWI/OUI/OWI class by the courts, DMV or other agencies.

Class is Available: Anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Completion Time: Can be completed in one sitting or over several days. Thirty days to complete.

How the Class Works: These classes consists of several topics or lessons (depending on your requirements). Each topic consists of several pages of printed information that is presented one page at a time. After the student reads a page or several pages, a review question or questions is presented to help the student recall the information. Each question is graded. After all topics and review questions are completed, students complete a brief final quiz. Students must pass the final quiz with a score of 80% or higher to obtain a certificate of completion. Students are given several opportunities to improve their scores.

Topics Include (but aren’t limited to):

The problem of driving under the influence in (YOUR STATE) and the US.
The law including penalties, and chemical testing, suspended license and restoration of license.
The responsibilities and procedures of law enforcement agencies, the courts and DMV.
The effects of alcohol and controlled substances on the body.
The effects of alcohol and controlled substances on a person’s ability to drive.
The effects of a DUI conviction on a person’s employment and personal life.
Treatment available for abusers of alcohol and controlled substances.
Technical Support: Telephone support is available at 208-368-9909 from the online class instructor from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Mountain Standard Time. Email support is available at

Call 208-368-9909 if you still can’t find what you are looking for.

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